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UiPath Chrome extension

Recently, I’ve installed the UiPath Chrome extension. I found out that it was not working properly. So, I did some research to found out the cause and fix it.

I discovered I wasn’t the only person having this issue. Others reported the same problem.

UiPath Chrome extension

We detected that you are trying to capture in a browser and your extension is not enabled. Please enable UiPath extension before continuing.

So, the UiPath extension is enabled but you still get the Info message. I tried to reinstall the UiPath Studio. Then, to reinstall the Chrome extension. In the end, I restarted my machine. It didn’t work.

After more online research I found the solution. It was something related to Windows Registry. Many thanks to Patomp for finding an amazing work around. You can find the solution here.

Also, UiPath wrote an article (link) which covers most of the frequent reasons for which the Chrome extension might not work properly. They also show you how to fix it. Have a look and see if any of these solutions fix your problem.

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As an alternative, I would recommend using the Internet Explorer browser. From my point of view, IE is the most reliable browser you can use for any web automation.

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