My journey with UiPath


Getting started

Every journey starts with a plan. Some of us spend a considerable amount of time on planning, but in my case and in this particular situation, I decided to keep the plan plain and simple. Two days ago I agreed to start learning UiPath in order to obtain the RPA Developer Advanced Certification. Therefore my plan is simple: find the right training materia, install the right tools, start learning and PASS the certification.

First step

… and the most important one is to start from somewhere. So, I went to, created a new account and started with the training materials from the Academy section (top menu, Grow>Academy).

If UiPath is new to you, I highly recommend you complete the RPA Developer Advance Learning Plan. This includes the Foundation, Orchestrator and Advance training. After you complete these you can apply for the certification.

Second step

Get your environment up and running. UiPath offers you two options when it comes to the installers. You can download the Enterprise RPA Trial or the Community Edition. I went for the community edition. Also, make sure you install the UiPath Chrome extension.

Third step

Go through the training materials and make sure you complete all the exercises. Each course contains good exercises which allow you to practice what you have learned during the training. I advise you to complete these exercises and on top, you should experiment with new features.

Have a look at the summary for the Foundation Training Course.

Level 1 – Foundation Training Course (Part 1)

Level 1 – Foundation Training Course (Part 2)

Last step

Take the certification. The exam has 2 phases:

  1. Theoretical Exam (Quiz). The allocated time for the quiz is 90 minutes and you have to answer 45 multiple answer questions. The minimum passing score is 70% and you have three attempts to pass it.
  2. Practical Exam. After you passed the first phase, you can enroll for the practical part. The allocated time is 3 hours and 30 minutes to solve an exercise. The minimum passing score is 70% and you have three attempts (similar to the first phase).

After you pass the exams you can download your certificate from the website. The RPA Developer Advanced certification is valid for 1 year (the expiry date is displayed on the certificate).

Good Automation!

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