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RPA Developer Advanced Certification

Level 1 – Foundation Training Course (Part 3)

Lesson 6 In this lesson, I will present you the selectors in UiPath. A selector is a way to identify User Interface elements on the screen and it has the structure of an XML. Most of the time, the selector is generated automatically by UiPath Studio. Understanding selectors is important because in other cases it has to be manually generated …

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Level 1 – Foundation Training Course (Part 2)

Lesson 4 In this lesson, you will learn the basics on how to use the recorder and how to get information out of different applications. I will show you some tips and tricks that you can use in real case scenarios. Recording UiPath allows you to record and replay actions. The outcome is a Recording Sequence which you can later …

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Level 1 – Foundation Training Course (Part 1)

Course 2018.3 The course contains 13 lessons. At the end of each lesson you must take a simple exam. The purpose is to test your knowledge. Also it’s a good practice to identify your strengths and weaknesses. At the end of all 13 lessons you have to take the final exam and this will complete the course. Lesson 1 This …

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My journey with UiPath

Getting started Every journey starts with a plan. Some of us spend a considerable amount of time on planning, but in my case and in this particular situation, I decided to keep the plan plain and simple. Two days ago I agreed to start learning UiPath in order to obtain the RPA Developer Advanced Certification. Therefore my plan is simple: …

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