Bizagi 11.2.2 available now

Hi guys, I come with great news. Bizagi just released its newest version 11.2.2

Why is this great

“It’s loaded with features to deepen Mobile and RPA capabilities, amongst other features to further empower business and IT users.”

1. Automation Anywhere RPA native integration

Now you can easily deploy robots from Automation Anywhere directly from Bizagi Studio. Also Bizagi supports UiPath and Blue Prism.

2. New Generation of Mobile Solutions

New mobile experience using the new Advance Offline Forms. It allows organizations to have full customizable definitions for their offline forms.

3. Agility for IT and Business users

One feature which I love the most is the Dynamic Rules Tracer. It allows developers to immediately check and debug the rules. Other features: Scheduler 2.0 a new dispatcher with the ability to prioritize jobs and to create dedicated queues; Management Console Web, with a new amazing design and new features to improve user experience.

To check the complete list of new features please follow this link:


I was waiting for these features for a long time and I am really happy Bizagi decided to go with them on this new release.

Let me know your thoughts in the comment. What do you think about these new features? What new features will you include in the next release?

Keep calm and Happy Coding!

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